There are some 450,000 trash pickers in Jakarta, Indonesia—a city of over 13 million.

The XSProject, an FWOP affiliate, has been working with a small community in the trash picker’s community to develop a profitable recycling businesses. The Businesses have created and sustained schools and water projects.

In May of 2016, the first solar lamps were given out to the children to study at night. They gathered 20 students from grades 9-12 together to teach them how to use and care for the lamps before distributing them. The kids really caught on fast and were excited to have some good light for studying.

They recorded each student who received a lamp and plan to follow them to see if there is improvement in their grades. The girls were particularly interested in being able to have light to go to the communal toilets at night. They said they would now not be afraid.


A student and our General Manager, Retno Hapsari, is shown presenting a lamp to a student in the above photo.

They are working with Rotary Club International here in Jakarta for them to secure about 150 more lamps.