The Four E’s

A Future Without Poverty is working together with communities creating opportunities, providing resources and empowering people in a continual journey to eliminate poverty. Together we are promoting thriving communities globally with adequate opportunities for work, access to education, adequate healthcare, clean running water, nutritious food, comfortable shelter, and a hospitable environment where there exists a sense of security for everyone. A Future Without Poverty is committed to working with the unique needs of each community, supporting that community as it grows in all areas of sustainability. The 4E’s of Education, Enterprise, Environment and Empowerment provide individuals and communities the necessary tools to decide their own destiny.


Education helps lead way to the other E’s. This E includes sustainable solutions such as setting up educational centers, providing learning materials, free access to online resources via the Internet, holding seminars on various topics, and more. Educated individuals have power over their future.


Empowerment helps individuals have control over their life and environment. This E can be achieved through providing many opportunities for communities, such as access to education, providing leadership to the community, having influence on local political entities, eliminating the effects of marginalization, and so on.


Enterprise gives individuals financial control. This E includes helping individuals join the workforce, providing technical classes over different professions, starting projects that require paid labor, helping individuals start their own company or business venture, and so forth.


Environment ensures that the other E’s are possible. This E relates to the environment where a community is located. Sustainable solutions that improve the environment include building quality shelter, starting gardening ventures, planting trees, providing access to clean water and food, along with adequate healthcare.