4 Healthy Reasons to Eat a Salad Today ... A recent study from the National Cancer Institute suggests that people whose diets are rich in fruits and vegetables may have a lower risk of developing ... Aug 27, 2021 · Women ages 40 to 44 should have the choice to start annual breast cancer screening with mammograms (x-rays of the breast) if they wish to do so.; Women age 45 to 54 should get mammograms every year.; Women 55 and older should switch to mammograms every 2 years, or can continue yearly screening.; Screening should continue as long as a woman is in good health and is … The American Cancer Society’s estimates for pancreatic cancer in the United States for 2021 are: About 60,430 people (31,950 men and 28,480 women) will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. About 48,220 people (25,270 men and 22,950 women) will die of pancreatic cancer. Follow the New American Plate 2/3—1/3 model. AICR’s New American Plate emphasizes foods that can reduce your risk for cancer and other chronic diseases. Get started by covering at least two-thirds (2/3) of your plate with plant foods such as whole grains, vegetables, fruit and beans.